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Great Day,

As many of you may know I have entered into a journey guided by the ancestors to build, live in a skoolie, and complete my PH.D. A skoolie is a school bus converted into a tiny home on wheels. We are nearing the finish line of this conversion! 

As a result of COVID-19 I lost my income, and my skoolie conversion halted. I require a few items to complete the build and I would love it if you would consider partnering with me. I will explain both the background of my need and the ways you can partner with me below. 

What is the background of my journey? 

I am a Transformational (Spiritual) Coach and Drama Therapist, I work with people to regain clarity and purpose in their life.  

My journey has led me to continue my schooling and pursue a PhD. In my time there, I’ve come to understand my call to a certain dissertation topic and subsequent documentary project (both are connected).

Both my dissertation and documentary cover how indigenous and spiritual practices are a strong preventive measure to mental health among people of color. 

As we are aware (or becoming aware) People of color, especially African Americans have been stripped of their indigenous/ traditional practices. We have continued to endure intergenerational and socioeconomic trauma without any form of healing outlet except through what we have created or implemented through the church. As the world is starting to awaken to African American oppression, we must also realize that healing of the oppression must take place as well. I desire that my work – both the dissertation and the documentary –  help me become a voice in this healing process. 

The mental health system can become another form of oppression that African Americans may experience. My education will be a unique contribution that will bring awareness and strategies on how we can help African Americans flourish and thrive in the mental health community. 

My journey for the documentary is to interview, document, and research different forms of indigenous traditions that African Americans and people of color use to combat or cope with forms of oppression, grief, and suffering. I will use this information to assist me in writing my Ph.D. Dissertation and subsequent documentary. 

Now, why the need for a skoolie?

I’m glad you asked! There are three phrases of support that are needed to complete this documentary and dissertation work: 

  1. Mobility
  2. Participation
  3. Resources

In order to start this documentary, we must finish the skoolie so that we can have a safe place and means of travel for our interviews. 

Therefore, if you are upset or moved by what is going on in the world with racism and oppression and do not know what to do — perhaps an investment in the skoolie that allows me to pursue both the dissertation and resulting documentary work — be a place for you to start sowing your seed of faith. Your support is greatly needed! Offering or donation of any kind is welcome and appreciated.

Would you consider making a financial donation to the completion of my skoolie and the continuation of this important work that my ancestors began – in liberating African Americans?

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Case Study

With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we are in need of great people who would like to share their stories and methods on how indigenous practices has helped them with their healing process.

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