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Akinke Lucas

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As a Transformational Coach, a Drama Therapist, and soon-to-be Depth Psychologist. I offer a wide range of methods to help you in your healing journey. I offer experience, joy, patience, and honesty. I am a motivator who offers positive outlooks and new perspectives on life challenges. I value the opportunity that you are giving yourself to grow and heal. Therefore, in every session, I am willing to give 100% myself to help support you as the client and help you feel safe on your journey. As a Depth Psychologist and Transformational Coach, I use Afro-Indigenous practices, holistic methods, Dreamwork, Imagination, and Earth-based practices to help in the healing process. As an African American woman, I am invested in healing the trauma that is rooted in intergenerational and systematic racism. I support the growth and healing of enslaved and colonized people. I also provide support to those that come from other traumatic backgrounds. All my experience and knowledge flows through me like a river of creativity. I encourage you to dip your toes into the coolness of the waters that flows. Let the healing waters heal you as you go through your transformation. 

Fun fact about me. I am also an artist who enjoys creating with wood and resin

Still Waters Healing Yoga

Reflekshun Lucas

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Still Waters Healing Yoga (Still Waters) provides a safe space where you can heal through movement. Connecting the mind and body to self- awareness, meditation, and exploration of self-transformation. Infusing Earth base technology, self-love,somatic healing, and Pranayama. Still Waters is committed to supporting you on your yoga journey.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Maria Pedreguera

Lost is something difficulty to process. Whether you lose a love one or a relationship has ended, lost creates a void that no one likes to experience. As a Licensed Social Worker, I help people find peace with losing a love one. My passion to help those who are in transitioning of finding themselves after somethings has been lost is my greatest gift to offer.  With 30 years in the field I specialized in grief counseling, depression ,anxiety, trauma, Intellectual disability Development, Domestic violence etc. Along the path of Social Worker, I am a ten-year Reiki Master, a healer, and an empath. These spiritual tools add an additional wealth of knowledge to help someone on their healing journey.

I provided a comprehensive counseling services to help build a solid relationship with my clients. My approach is interactive, warm, and accepting to helps my clients with relief and tools to learn coping skills. I am committed to help my clients stop suffering in silence. Not only learn coping skills, but how to navigate complexities of grief, separations, and transitioning’s.

I am also Supervisor for MSW students or those in the mental health field and Preceptor (trainer) for those in hospice care.

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